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Igniting Imagination: PRAKRIA's 3D & CGI Extravaganza

Step into the realm of visual wonders with PRAKRIA's 3D & CGI services. With over two decades of experience, we are the architects of virtual worlds, crafting stunning visualizations and animations that leave audiences spellbound.

From Pixels to Perfection: Crafting magic, one pixel
at a time

Our team of passionate artists and technologists embraces the minutiae of every project, ensuring that every pixel is imbued with artistry and precision. From hyper-realistic product renders that breathe life into your creations to cutting-edge CGI animations that push the boundaries of imagination, we redefine the possibilities of visual storytelling. Every project is an exploration of limitless creativity, where we turn your ideas into breathtaking visual symphonies.

Trusted by global giants like Nestle, Pernod Ricard, Perfetti, Burger King, and many more, our 3D & CGI symphonies elevate your brand’s storytelling, leaving an unforgettable imprint on hearts and minds. Unleash the magic of PRAKRIA’s 3D & CGI mastery, and let your brand take center stage with immersive experiences that dazzle and engage.

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Frequently asked questions

We offer a range of 3D and CGI services including 3D modeling, rendering, animation, visualizations, character design, architectural visualizations, product visualizations, special effects, and simulations to create stunning visual fidelity.

Yes, with advanced software and techniques, we specialize in creating realistic 3D models and animations.

Yes, we provide 3D rendering and visualization services and have the expertise to create realistic and immersive visualizations that showcase architectural designs, product concepts, and virtual environments with exceptional detail and quality.

Yes, we offer assistance with character design and animation for 3D projects. Through specialized software, we can bring characters to life, infusing them with personality, movement, and expression through high-quality animations that enhance the overall visual storytelling experience.

We utilize industry-leading software and tools for 3D modeling and CGI, including Adobe Creative Suite.  Our team stays up-to-date with the latest advancements to deliver exceptional quality 3D models, visualizations, animations, and results.

We deliver high-quality and visually appealing results in 3D and CGI projects by combining our expertise in advanced software, attention to detail, and artistic sensibility. Our team focuses on precise modeling, realistic texturing, lighting, and meticulous rendering to deliver stunning and immersive visual experiences.

Yes, we offer post-production services including compositing and special effects. We can seamlessly integrate 3D elements into live-action footage, apply visual effects, and enhance the overall visual appeal of your project through professional post-production techniques.

Yes, we specialize in seamlessly integrating 3D and CGI elements into live-action footage or environments. Through advanced compositing techniques, we create a cohesive visual blend that enhances the overall impact.

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