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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Packaging Design That Stands Out

Step into a world where packaging design goes beyond functionality and becomes a true reflection of your brand's essence. With a legacy of two decades, PRAKRIA has become synonymous with innovation, creativity, and strategic brilliance. Collaborating with global powerhouse brands like Nestlé, Pernod Ricard, and Burger King, we have consistently crafted packaging solutions that elevate brands and create unforgettable consumer experiences.


We know that your packaging is more than just a container – it’s your shopping window and the embodiment of your brand. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to craft packaging that elevates your brand experience and increases its presence on the shelf. We have been in the business for over two decades now.

We have seen the hustle, the grind, the nitty-gritty, the nuances, the blood, sweat, and toil that it takes to create a truly spectacular packaging design that leaves a lasting impression.

With our experience & expertise, we have a rather unique combination of being able to zoom into the subtleties of packaging design, and at the same time, zooming out to the level of strategy & brand ethos, resulting in packaging designs that transcend mere aesthetics & functionality, becoming powerful marketing tools that directly result in better business.

Looking for a Specific type of Packaging design?

Explore the different types of packaging designs best suited for your business.

Tin Can Packaging

Embrace the power of metal with our exquisite tin can packaging solutions. Combining superior protection and durability, our creative minds are poised to craft exceptional designs that ensure your products fly off the shelves in no time!

Box Packaging

Discover the power of box packaging, the go-to choice for industries worldwide. Combining versatility, affordability, and sustainability, our box packaging design solutions offer superior protection, enhancing the overall visual impact of your products, ensuring they remain captivating and flawless.

Bottle Packaging Design

Convenience, versatility, and user-friendliness are all cornerstones of great bottle packaging. In the business of crafting stunning bottle packs for two decades now, we understand just what it takes for the pack to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Pouch Packaging

We recognize the power of pouch design in captivating consumers and boosting brand visibility through their exceptional versatility and unmatched customization potential. No matter the unique dimensions of your product, our skilled designers can create an attention-grabbing pouch design that appeals directly to your target audience, giving your brand a distinct edge in the market.

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Frequently asked questions

Packaging design involves creating an attractive and functional visual representation of a product, including its graphics, and branding elements to enhance the product’s marketability and communicate its value.

A good packaging design combines appealing visuals, clear messaging, reflects the brand identity, and communicates the product’s purpose. It should engage with consumers emotionally, and ultimately drive purchase decisions.

Packaging design services encompass the professional expertise and creativity needed to develop visually compelling and functional packaging solutions for products.

Packaging design includes conceptualizing, designing, and executing packaging designs that align with brand identity, attract customers, and enhance product presentation.

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