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Kohler has taught the world how to bathe luxuriously. The brand doesn’t just build products, it builds experiences. And every experience comes with a visual counterpart that has a lot riding on it. Every shadow, every angle, every magnification means a lot when it comes to showcasing their stunning bathroom and kitchen appliances.


The whole deal of crafting perfect visuals of the varied product portfolio becomes too complicated and expensive to shoot. Therefore, Kohler needed an agency that could create stunning visual experiences that would do justice to the care and perfection they put in their products. Kohler needed an agency that valued perfection and quality in work as much as it valued timelines. Kohler needed an Agency that specialized in stunning 3D & CGI work. And so, PRAKRIA was just a call away.

Our Solution

We immersed ourselves in the world of Kohler, understanding its nitty-gritties, the little things that go in making the perfect product – the suave cut here, the immaculate coloring there. We understood everything about the brand in such depth that 3D Renders & CGI of the different products came flowing out naturally.

Finally, the work was appreciated so much so that though initially approached by Kohler India’s team, we soon started working for Kohler’s Global teams as well. Goes to show how far great work in incredible speed can take you.

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