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Palmolive Bathing Treasures European Kit


Palmolive is known for its great products. But in a marketspace as cluttered as that of bathing products, finding a unique space was quite a challenge. They needed something that was beyond a mere ‘product’. They needed an experience


When brands want to create an entire holistic experience, they need an agency that can conceptualize and design in a seamless manner. And that is where we come in. Palmolive wanted to transition from being mere products to a complete experience, and we were there to propel that transition.

Our Solution

Donning our creative hats, after days of research, we came up with an idea of turning these bathing products into a sensorial experience with Bathing Treasures of the world! First in this series was – European Bathing Secrets. The entire look and feel was inspired from the beauty of Europe. The product was launched on Amazon and other E-Comm portals. Just like the products, the kit was an experience in itself!

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