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Nestlé Nido Merchandise Design


Nestle Nido is an African brand operating in Ghana. Their products are loved by African moms for their children between age 0 and 12. Nido wanted to be seen as a brand that cares about its TG and is super approachable and friendly. They wanted to make interesting merchandise for special occasions so they could reach out to their TG and become active part of their lives. 

Our Solution

This was an interesting project for us that would become one of the many projects that’d prove our worth as a truly international force. Ghana being a new market for us, we deep-dived into the world of the brand, understood its market context, the likes and dislikes of the TG in Ghana, did countless brainstorming sessions with both the client and internally — and finally came out of the deep dive ready to create.

In our deep dive, we studied the daily routine of a mother and her kid, right from the morning till bed-time. By doing this, we decoded various things that a mother and child use throughout their day. These things were used as inspirations for special Back to School & Ramadan merchandise that were designed in a cool doodle style to create a colourful and vibrant world for the kids while also sticking to NIDO colours. We used the iconic NIDO ‘heart’ to stay true to the brand.

A lot of the merchandise designed retained the iconic NIDO heart and colours. This way, we didn’t just stick to the NIDO logo but also delved into something more meaningful and attractive. 

Using our research-oriented approach, coupled with our smart design techniques and brilliant 3D work, we created beautiful merchandise for two special occasions in Ghana — ‘Back to school’ & Ramadan. The entire catalogue of merchandise was not just approved and appreciated by the client, but was an instant success with the kids — and if the kids approve of your work, you know you’re on the right track!

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