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KitKat Love Break Packaging Design


It was the Valentine’s season and KitKat India wanted to own the season with something groundbreaking. The brief was open and clear to associate “Love” with the overall brand narrative of “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”.


The question was: how could the two narratives tie in seamlessly together in a never-seen-before manner?
It was a challenge that required quick but spot on thinking, and out-of-the-world execution. The brand had a lot riding on this project, and they could trust no one but us to deliver the goods in time, and with exceptional quality.

Our Solution

In one of our brainstorming sessions, the idea of a “Love Break” sprang to mind, and it was an instant hit. We started developing it.
“What is love all about?” we asked ourselves, and we realised that each love story is unique. It cannot be categorised within any central definition. So, what if we designed our packs in such a way that each pack is distinctively unique from the other?


Using HP Mosaic and Collage Digital Printing technology we created stunning packs in the ethos of the brand and its TG. Using millennial acronyms around Love, we appealed to the Kit Kat TG in a never-seen-before way. 

Each pack rolled out in the market was different from the other, and the idea for the TG was to gift these packs to their loved ones as a symbol of their uniqueness; to show them that just like these unique packs, they too are truly one in a million! 

Great thinking? Check. 
Stunning design? Check. 
Brilliant use of technology? Check. 

The “Love Break” packs took the Indian markets by storm for their original and intuitive thinking and execution. The clients were thrilled with the response, and once our job was done, we indeed took a much-needed Love Break.

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