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Coffee Fiesta


Coffee is all the craze in Singapore, and NESCAFÉ wanted to leverage that. They wanted to entice & include the younger generation in their portfolio, and also convert the traditionalists to try out NESCAFÉ’s traditional flavours. Basically, NESCAFÉ Singapore wanted to host a huge coffee party – and we were invited to give the coffee party its theme & identity.


Having worked with NESCAFÉ India for over a decade, we knew the world of NESCAFÉ, and the world of Coffee in-and-out. The subtleties, the nuances, the complexities of a project of this scope & scale were just up our alley. And whatever we didn’t know about the world of coffee in Singapore, our ever-curious, ever-inquisitive minds were keen on learning.

Our Solution

After delving deep into the coffee culture of Singapore, we came up with the concept of “The Singapore Coffee Fiesta” where coffee lovers – purists, explorers, casual drinkers, were all invited to experience a “fiesta” of coffee.

The visual aesthetics for this identity were kept close to the world of the brand so that the brand connect never gets lost in the mix. The art-style was kept youthful, cool, & casual, perfectly in-line with the world of NESCAFÉ. Keeping the identity & aesthetics in mind, a bunch of collaterals were rolled out, that was leapt up by the coffee lovers in Singapore.

With the support of Singapore’s government, and the sweat & toil of PRAKRIA & NESCAFÉ Singapore’s brand team, The Singapore Coffee Fiesta was a massive, resounding success; giving us another feather in our cap in the Global Market.

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