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How Social Media Drives The Sales Of FMCG Brands?

FMCG is known to be the sector with the most fierce and cut-throat competition, where every brand has a deluge of competing substitutes who are trying their best to capture each other’s market share.

So, in order to stand out and cut through the noise of rivaling branded content, it is essential to devise a strong, tactical, and pro-active social media strategy that enables your brand to grab and retain significant mindshare of your target market while upholding a secure foothold in the FMCG sector.

In order to formulate a great social media strategy, it’s important to first understand how social media drives the sales of FMCG brands. In the following section, we explore the same:

The emergence of Social Commerce

Social commerce or carrying out commercial activities of buying and selling through social media platforms is on the rise. With the introduction of social commerce features like Facebook shop, Instagram Shop, and Pinterest Shop, brands can seamlessly use their digital communications to promote the sales of their products and services. These platforms come with unique targeting features that help you in defining custom audiences. This gives you a laser-sharp view of your target market’s behavior, interests, demography, and past purchase behavior. You get to track the touchpoints of every conversion which helps you in refining your social media marketing funnel. Another benefit of social commerce is retargeting audiences according to their engagement patterns. Different types of online audiences including Cold, Warm & Hot audiences can be suitably retargeted on the basis of their interaction with your ad campaigns. Each audience type is redirected to a CTA which is unique to their category. This greatly improves the chances of conversions.

Social commerce opens up huge opportunities for FMCG brands that are looking to penetrate into newer markets with lesser investment and risk since social commerce entails much less investment as compared to brick and mortar stores. Making social commerce a part of your social media strategy brings you brand exposure on a massive scale.

Human touch

Social media marketing gives you the opportuning of establishing a human connection with your target audience, which is difficult to achieve in traditional marketing media. By consistently sharing content that enshrines the values of your brand, you chisel a

well-defined image of your brand in your consumers’ minds. It turns your brand from a corporate entity into a real, tangible, and relatable human character that your customers can identify with. This helps in cultivating positive brand associations, building brand awareness, and growing brand trust & loyalty. Social media channels are an excellent way of personifying your brand and giving it a special brand voice. Some brands even leverage social channels to create communities. This creates a sense of belongingness and boosts the emotional appeal of the brand.

Improved consumer satisfaction

Your social media becomes the channel of interaction between you and your customers. It bridges the gap of communication between you and your customers, both present and potential. Social media channels are an ideal way of identifying the conversations happening around your brand and becoming a part of them. By becoming a part of these conversations, you get to converse with your target audience in real-time and clarify their doubts or objections effectively. You can use social media for brand reputation management and automate feedback mechanisms.

When consumers get immediate feedback on their queries, they’re likely to be more satisfied with your products and services. This becomes the basis of repeat purchases and even referrals! And what else can be better than getting free referrals on social media? It is the best and the most inexpensive way to get word of mouth marketing for your FMCG brand.

Relevant content

Social media channels come with advanced analytics features that help in monitoring, determining, and predicting audience behavior and give detailed, high-quality, and valuable insights. These insights can be further repurposed to create tailored content that strikes the right chords of your focus groups. These insights also help you in ascertaining various touchpoints of product consumption. You can create informative and interesting content at all points of product consumption and address the needs of different audiences at different stages of your marketing funnel.

Relatively inexpensive

Social media marketing is an inexpensive way of marketing your brand at a scale compared to traditional marketing. Traditional methods take loads of investment and oftentimes it is difficult to predict their probability of success. This absence of foresight makes them risky and prone to failures. The cost per acquisition is also very high. While on the other hand, social media marketing comes with lesser risks since it’s easier to set up KPI’s using analytics tools and the return on investment can be tracked closely for each campaign. The campaigns that do not perform well can be turned off immediately, which isn’t possible in traditional marketing methods because real-time tracking isn’t possible. All this minimizes the possibility of losses and also brings out the cost per acquisition. You can specifically run successful ad campaigns on a higher frequency which increases your overall returns. User-generated content is another major advantage of social media marketing since it takes zero investment, gives your brand free publicity, and helps in promoting the purchase of your products or services.

From the above discussion, we can infer how a great social media marketing strategy gives your FMCG brand a competitive advantage. An effective social media strategy can give your brand extensive reach and turn your brand into an impactful immersive experience.

It takes decades of research, experimentation, and expertise to determine a highly effective social media strategy. So it’s a prudent choice to entrust it to expert marketers. At Prakria, we breathe life into your social media communications and pro-actively create content that embodies your brand, which lets you set the strongest foot in the FMCG sector.

Let’s get in touch and make your brand soar high!

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