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How are AR & VR revolutionizing marketing for brands?

The world of simulated experiences is growing faster than ever. Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) are two of the most well-known simulation technologies in vogue that alter the user’s perception of the environment around them through computer-generated images, visuals, and objects.

These technologies have found their application in the fields of research, education, medical training, military training, product innovation, and brand marketing. Simulated experiences open up an exciting new virtual dimension for brand marketers who are looking to transform their products and services into memorable and interactive experiences that the customers can engage with.

In the following, we discuss the opportunities that await your brand with the use of AR & VR for your marketing campaigns:

Unique branding experience

With simulation technologies, brand marketers can create uniquely immersive virtual environments that their customers can experience at their convenience. This virtual environment often contains sound, touch-sensitive graphics (clickable 2D or 3D objects that the user can drag, drop and move around on touch), videos, and other sensory objects.

In the case of brands, the user’s viewport is populated with objects, symbols, and visual cues that are related to the brand. These cues can exhibit the product features, benefits, and USP. These realistic virtual elements make the viewer feel as if they are part of that experience. It lets them interact up and close with your product.

These virtual experiences can be simulated for:

  • conveying brand characteristics through AR Filters and games

  • informing consumers about a product launch in an innovative way

  • virtually demonstrating the use of a product

  • letting the customer try the product before buying

  • giving them virtual tours

  • edutainment: educating consumers about the product information using fun interactive visuals

  • augmenting your branded materials like brochures, packaging, and other printed materials.

There are endless ways in which marketers can promote their products with such fun and interactive AR marketing campaigns.

Brand memory and sustained remembrance

The biggest advantage of using AR & VR for your marketing campaigns is that it creates a memorable positive brand perception of the product. Immersive visuals have a lasting impact on the consumer’s mind and create excellent brand recall. In the digital age, the attention span of your target market is limited to just a few seconds.

Every brand is racing ahead to grab a larger share of consumer attention. AR campaigns not only capture the attention of your customers but also leave a long-lasting impression on them. This makes your marketing campaigns impactful and builds sustained remembrance of your brand among target audiences. In such a fiercely competitive market, AR campaigns can become the differentiating factor between you and other rival brands. It gives you recognition and gives you a strong indelible footing in the market.

Interactivity and Engagement

AR & VR technology changes one’s real-world perception and beautifully blends physical reality with the digital world using immersive sensory stimulus. These simulated visuals are both interactive and engaging. AR filters come with a face recognition feature where the system maps out the face of the viewer and puts an overlay of computer-generated images on top. Users can move their face around to explore the filter features. They also have smart tracking features that can detect an object and enhance it with 3D models, holograms, and interactive animations. Filters can be easily gamified to make them more interactive and entertaining.

AR games provide another set of controls in the hands of viewers, where they can interact with virtual moving objects in real-time using blink, touch, head movements, and facial expressions. The beauty of AR technology is that users have to just point their camera at the specified objects and it opens up a whole new digital world for them which they can interact with simple gestures. Brands can play around with AR filters and games to produce exceptionally interactive media and draw in the consumers towards their marketing campaigns.

Targeted and customer-centric

AR & VR-based marketing campaigns are targeted and keep the customer's needs at their core. The driving motive behind these campaigns is to solve an essential need of the customer and promote your product at the same time. So, it appeals to the psyche of the customer while conveying your core brand message.

AI-powered technology also gives you access to valuable user insights and data that you can use to further optimize your campaigns. You can collect data such as email ids for sending out rewards. You can also conduct quizzes about the topics customers are most interested in. The system quickly captures objects, detects the environment of the viewers, and gathers data about it to render the best virtual transformation. AR revolutionizes the way we collect and visualize data to improve our marketing campaigns. When consumers' needs are taken care of with the use of AR, your campaigns get that wow factor and become memorable.

From the above discussion, we can see how digital simulation technologies are reshaping and revolutionizing the world of marketing. These breathe life into your brand experiences and attract your customers with amazing virtual experiences.

Crafting Stunning AR Experiences At Prakria

At Prakria, we design creatively unique, interactive, and unforgettable AR & VR experiences for brands. Our team of experts research to ascertain what appeals the most to your target audience, ideate simulated visuals that strike a meaningful chord with your customers, and develop these concepts at record speed! With our experience and expertise, we build AR filters and games that captivate your audience while providing them utility with entertainment. This gives you new opportunities to engage with your customers and provides them with a remarkable experience of your brand world.

Here’s a demonstration of how we created fun AR games and filter to send out the new year and Holi wishes to our viewers:

(video display for Prakria’s New Year, Holi & Pride Month Filter)

Check This New Year Filter

Check This Holi Filter

Check This Pride Month Filter

If you’re looking to transform your branding communications with simulation technology and make them more impactful, it’s time we get in touch!

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