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Quality Street


There’s a large Indian Diaspora Market in Canada brimming with Infinite love and respect for their home country. This love and respect takes its symbolized form every year around festivals like Diwali. The challenge, for brands, then is create a heart-warming communication around Diwali that appeals to the Indian & Asian communities across Canada.


NESTLÉ was looking for an agency that could create disruptive, yet emotionally stimulating designs that could be released as Limited Edition packs. The challenge was to marry the traditional sensibilities of Diwali with a modern & disruptive execution style. They wanted a design that was grounded, yet revolutionary. PRAKRIA thrives in such challenges, and NESTLÉ Canada knew it.

Our Solution

The symbol that encapsulates the entire ethos around Diwali is the Diya. That much was certain. But there are a multitude of ways in which the Diya symbol can be incorporated in a design.

Our way was elegantly simple: to create the pack architecture in the shape of a Diya. The idea was to turn the normal Quality Street box into a Limited Edition Collectible Box. Something the Diaspora would be proud to keep on their shelves, year round. This increased Shelf-life of the pack transcended beyond the festival, and turned the Special Diwali Quality Street pack as a unique one-of-a-kind Collectible.

The pack sold exceedingly well, garnering record numbers in Sales, and touching the emotional chord with the Indian & Asian Communities in Canada.

This is a great example that goes to show that while some agencies complete their projects, we nail them.

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