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Perfetti Workdesk Pack


It was that time of the year again. The Lockdowns. But now people were beginning to accept the “new normal”. Work from Home had become a commonplace phenomenon, and people were trying to create a new routine for their new normal.
Perfetti saw this as an opportunity to tap in the market. The brand realized that the Working Professionals needed refreshments, etc., in this Work from Home scenario to help them grind through the day. Hence, the brand came up with the concept of a “Work Desk Pack” which had an assortment of Perfetti products that would help the audience go throughout their typical work day.


The client wanted their Work Desk Pack to be an out-and-out Digital Launch. They wanted an Agency that could quickly turnaround with great designs, and help the brand stay well ahead of the market. It was a new opportunity, and to tap on it successfully, speed and great quality was of paramount importance. Hence, PRAKRIA was the perfect choice for the project.

Our Solution

We first helped the client quickly come up with name options for their unique concept. Once that was out of the way, we began developing a unique and exciting Workdesk Pack that could capture the entire ethos of Perfetti. That is, fun, refreshment, and enjoyment. That pack had to communicate it all in a seamless manner.

The pack was designed, approved, and set to launch in unimaginable speed. It saw a successful digital launch, leaping off the virtual shelves for its unique and eye-grabbing aesthetic. Since the pack was ideated and launched in almost no time, we helped Perfetti capture a new market well ahead of the curve, and in significantly lesser cost.

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