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NESTLÉ Polo Republic Day - Stop Motion Animation


This story begins at the start of 2021. The brand Polo had big plans for Republic Day. They wanted something revolutionary, something truly clutter-breaking. They wanted the Republic Day Social Media Post – which is the first major festive event of the year, to set the tone for all the following digital assets in the year to come. With their big plans and soaring expectations, they knocked on our doors.


NESTLÉ Polo had been relying on PRAKRIA for most of its Digital Assets. Needless to say, they were thoroughly pleased with the work and wanted to take things to a whole another level. They wanted not just a regular social media creative for Republic Day, but something that would go on to become an iconic digital property that would pave the way for others to follow. They knew only PRAKRIA could achieve this feat and in such little time.

Our Solution

We did our research, our brainstorming sessions, — you know, the works, and reached to the conclusion that for a fun, urbane, and “cool” brand like Polo, the Stop Motion Animation style would fit perfectly. The jittery, Stop Motion Animation would be the perfect visual tonality that the brand could follow for the days to come.

The ’21 Republic Day Animation was meant to be the start of a host of many other stellar Stop Motion Animations for Polo. And what a solid start it was!

We captured the ethos of Republic Day celebrations in India by creating a Tank made of Polo rings through the iconic and visually catchy Paper Art Treatment of Stop Motion Animations. This new Animation style was HOLEsome and Refreshing, and got insanely popular with the audience. It also got featured, and over time, helped the brand create its unique fan base on Social Media.

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