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Lockdowns had swept the entire world. The “new-normal” had come to action. Everyone & everything was going more & more digital. It was in this context that the team of NESCAFÉ approached us to create a special branding identity for NESCAFÉ cold coffee that can appeal to the youth while also leverage the “new normal”.


The deadlines were exceedingly tight on this one, and the times were uncertain. This was the time that NESCAFÉ wanted a trustworthy, reliable agency to deliver a stunning, strategic, and long-standing branding property. That’s when we come into the picture.

Our Solution

After much caffeine-spiked brainstorming sessions, we came up with the concept of an “Awesome Date” pack for NESCAFÉ. Basically, the idea was this: in Covid times, since you cannot go out on a real date, why not take a virtual date? All you’ve got to do is scan the pack, and you’ll be transported to a romantic date setting of your liking (the audience was given a chance to select a date location of their preference). Through the power of Augmented Reality (AR) & visually stunning packaging design, we created a holistic branding identity that was a massive success in the market.

The pack wasn’t just a one-off limited-edition roll-out, but a full-scale branding identity design that also translated into a full-fledged digital campaign. Campaign conceptualization & strategy, Packaging Design, AR, Digital campaign building — all of it was done in-house, in a seamless integrated manner, which ensured that the packs were rolled out in the market just in time, saving both time & money. Of course, we treated with ourselves a NESCAFÉ after the project was successfully completed!

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