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Kitkat Goa


KitKat has been made in Goa for decades. But over the years, an identity has never been created that shows KK’s Goa connection, and potentially use it as a bait for a special limited editions pack. The brand managers at NESTLÉ KitKat instantly turned towards PRAKRIA to create a solid limited editions branding identity design for KitKat.


The clock was running, as usual, and the limited editions pack was supposed to hit the shelves in almost no time. The team at KitKat wanted an agency that understood the guardrails & nuances of KitKat’s global standards, but at the same time can go deeply local to create a branding identity that truly can resonate with the people – all this in rushing deadlines. Who else but PRAKRIA, we ask?

Our Solution

Goa is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. KitKat is all about “breaks”; then, why not, position Goa as the “Land of Breaks” & create a branding identity revolving around this idea? Spot on!

We got to working. The entire Limited Edition pack design for this project was hand-crafted with keen attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the ethos of Goa (which may or may not entail Goa vacations to truly master the project.

This was a holistic branding project instead of a one-off packaging design as it entailed creating an entire identity around Goa & Kit Kat. This identity was then heavily backed, amplified & promoted across digital & non-digital channels & witnessed record sales due to its unique, youthful, and captivating ethos and make it so unique & interesting that it can be created as a special limited-edition pack & sold in the market.

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