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KitKat Celebreak


KitKat is heading towards the festive season. By its nature, the brand is youthful & vibrant. And the nature of Indian festivities is traditional. The challenge, then, was to create a brand identity that seamlessly married the two.


It was a challenge that required out-of-the-box thinking, but at the same time, it required functioning within certain guardrails. You know, the classic Catch-22. KitKat wanted something youthful & vibrant, but also something that stayed in tune with tradition.

Our Solution

Our solution started with brainstorming while we were ‘Having a Break’. The good ol’ method of our madness! Well, in one of those breaks, inspiration sprang to mind.

‘Why not CELEBREAK instead of Celebrate?’

Eureka! Time to get grinding!

Our bucket list comprised of every minute festive cues- right from shopping to celebrating with selfies. The brain mapping required us to put in a perspective encapsulating the expression without letting go off the KK effect.

We sprung back with 2 approaches. Dialing up the verbal expressions — WOW and JOY, we came up with Paisley as our chief design element. The iconic packaging acquired 80% of the KK range (1st ever instance when a chocolate brand relied on a special pack rather than the master).

We created traditional festive elements in a youthful design language jutting out of the KitKat snap, capturing the celebratory spirit through the snap element. The pack was a curious case of ‘the more you look, the more you discover’. It set the benchmark for such packs to follow, and to this date, is used as an example of a great, revolutionary brand identity.

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