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Jolly Rancher Triple Pop | Everest

The Scenario

Jolly Ranchers is one of the biggest brand names in the candy space. The product at its core is all about fun and games. With several Brand characters bringing out the fun and various collaboration exercises, the brand had created its solid ground in the Traditional Media channels, but was yet to harness the power of Digital. That was where they came to us.


Jolly Rancher needed an agency that had expertise in creating stellar Digital-Forward Animation Films that could translate the fun in the product into a digital asset that would stand the test of time. They looked no further than PRAKRIA as an agency that could see the project through from concept to final execution.

Our Solution

We realized that the brand was looking for iconic work. Something that would not only grab eyeballs, but also gather acclaim and stand the test of time. And so we got to work to achieve this feat.

Jolly Rancher characters are in themselves fun and iconic. They are at the heart of the brand sensibilities, so our approach was to create something fun and entertaining around the characters.

Using the characters as the central propellers for our animation, we wrote the script, did the storyboard — honed it, perfected it, got it approved, and finally executed it in almost no time. The film was ready way before the expectations of the brand manager. As it saw the light of the day, it became an iconic digital asset for the brand, and stood its ground in all the global forums where it was showcased.

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