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Dr. Oetker wanted to create a super-premium range of iconic sauces from all over the world. The idea was to disrupt the market & gain the first-mover advantage as there is, to this date, no other brand that offers a composite premium range of iconic sauces from all over the world. It was a high-stake, high-return branding project, and Dr. Oetker’s branding team wanted something supremely premium, disruptive, and instantly iconic.


Not many have the knack, understanding, experience, and expertise to craft truly iconic & disruptive branding from first-draft sketches to impeccable final-draft designs in watertight deadlines. Of course, PRAKRIA is the answer when you want exactly this combination of strategic thought, flawless design, and quick action.

Our Solution

The idea was for each sauce within the range to have a unique, iconic character of its own, but at the same time, fall within the coherence of the entire range. We did a whole deep-dive research in trying to understand the world of these iconic sauces. We understood how each of the sauces was made, which part of the world they’re from, and what constitutes their unique, original character.

After our research & brainstorming, we chose the vintage aesthetic to express the iconic & unique character of the sauces. The broader look and feel of the range was vintage, but each of the sauce jars was uniquely vintage in its own way. Voila! Coherent range and unique individual character in one stroke.

The branding identity for this super-premium range of Dr. Oetker’s sauces was an instant success with the brand team, and when it hit the shelves, it was like a slice of Europe back home in India.

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