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100 Pipers


100 Pipers wanted a special Limited Edition pack that would completely disrupt the cluttered space. Something that is suave, intelligent, and unique. A truly one-of-a-kind work for a one-of-a-kind pack.


This was a project that required a fair degree of free creative thinking. While it was important to let the creative spirit flow, it was also necessary to maintain the right notes, so that all goes well in good taste. In other words, a balance of creative & critical thinking was required, and who better than PRAKRIA for the job?

Our Solution

The Limited Edition pack was supposed to be modern. The pack was supposed to be suave. It was supposed to push the boundaries.

And so we came up with idea of incorporating the post-modern Deconstructivist Art Style to the pack. Using the Piper as the central element, the main visual was broken down across the range, such that the final visual will find completion only as the range of Bottles stand next to each other.

This radically new execution style, and the final Packaging Art grabbed a ton of eyeballs, to say the least. As usual, our client pleasantly surprised, admitted that we did not meet their expectation – we exceeded it, yet again.


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